Steering Committee

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The GHUCCTS Steering Committee (SC) provides guidance and, as appropriate, oversees implementation of issues common to all CTSA-funded programs such as recruitment of investigators, development of new initiatives and tasks, and contributions to the necessary integration of all GHUCCTS programs. The GHUCCTS SC consists of the following members: all GHUCCTS component directors and co-directors, representatives to the EC from the CTSA affiliated institutions: MHRI, ORNL and WDCVAMC, trainee scholars representing the MS and K12 training programs, and representatives from other schools at GU and HU (i.e., Business, Dentistry, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc.). The Principal Investigators (PI) will serve as ex officio members of the SC.

The SC will be the primary advisory body that provides dialogue, discussion and integration among and between the GHUCCTS components; it will both respond to PI requests for information and reports, and can initiate such reports as well. As an advisory body, the SC will not have decision-making authority in GHUCCTS; rather it will provide recommendations to the PIs regarding issues that affect all aspects of GHUCCTS. The SC is chaired by Drs. Mellman and Verbalis on a rotating basis and they meet on a monthly basis. Because all GHUCCTS components will be represented on the SC by the directors, questions or problems regarding PI difficulties with accessing specific component resources can be addressed and typically resolved in a timely fashion by the SC.

Steering Committee Members:

Adil Alaoui
Anuj Kapadia
Assya Pascalev
Carla Williams
Dawn Fishbein
Dexter Lee
Florencia Gonzalez
Jacqueline Jonklaas
James Giordano
Jane Otado
Jason Umans
John Kwagyan
Joseph Verbalis
Kathryn Sandberg
Kathryn Turner
Marjorie Gondre-Lewis
Marc Blackman
Mary Ann Dutton
Nawar Shara
Neil Weissman
Thomas Mellman
Veronica Thomas