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MHRI-GHUCCTS Monthly Statistical Seminar Series: Presentation of Statistical Results

Date Fri, Feb 16
Time 12: 00 PM - 1: 00 PM
Location Zoom

This month's MHRI-GHUCCTS Monthly Statistical Seminar Series will be held Friday, February 16, 2024, from 12 PM - 1 PM. This series features Dr. Paul Kolm, Associate Director in the Center for Biostatistics, Informatics, & Data Science (CBIDS) at MedStar Health Research Institute.

The topic of this month's seminar will be the Presentation of Statistical Results. Although investigators may have professional statistical assistance in writing and presenting results for publication/presentation, it is important to understand the process of presentation and what elements are needed for good presentations. We will discuss the importance of clearly stated aims or objectives of the study, differences in the presentation of primary and secondary objectives, and the misuse of p values when presenting results.

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This free monthly webinar features Dr. Paul Kolm, Associate Director in the Center for Biostatistics, Informatics, & Data Science (CBIDS) at the MedStar Health Research Institute.
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