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  • Aug 03, 2023

GHUCCTS KL2 Scholar and TL1 trainees featured in Georgetown Health’s Summer 2023 magazine.

Our GHUCCTS KL2 Scholar and TL1 trainees are featured in this season Georgetown Health’s Summer 2023 magazine.

Dr. Roxanne Mirabal-Beltran, GHUCCTS KL2 Scholar, is featured on page 35 with an article Cura personalis via participatory research by Bhriana Smith.  This article reflects on her current community-based research project Wash and Spin to Health (W.A.S.H).

Dr. Sikoya Ashburn, TL1 alumni, is featured on pages 24-25 talking about her growth in becoming a teacher and mentor.  Dr. Ashburn was part of the TL1 Translational Biomedical Science program from 2018-2019.

TL1 trainee, Adam Kaminski is show-cased working with Psychology professor, Dr. Chandan Vaidya on page 25. Adam started in the TL1 Translational Biomedical Science program ​i​n 2022.


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