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  • Mar 11, 2021

Recruitment Innovation Center develops COVID-19 Recruitment + Retention Toolkit

The Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC), a division of the Trial Innovation Network, has been heavily involved in multisite COVID-19 trial design and implementation, having consulted on 29 COVID-19 related studies as of this writing. While striving to maintain its values of community engagement, participant-informed methods, and scalable design, the RIC has developed new tools and strategies that work in this transformed clinical trial space.

The purpose of this toolkit is to share the community input the RIC has received, and the resources it has developed, that can help study teams conduct trials in a manner that is safe, trustworthy, and respectful of all participants. Organized by the continuum of recruitment activities needed to complete a trial, the RIC presents here the ideas, concepts, and materials that it has successfully implemented to support recruitment and retention for COVID-19 trials, as well as for non-COVID trials taking place during the pandemic.

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